Sandy Berman Birthday Tribute

Celebrate Sandy by donatin' dough to anti-hunger organizations.


We are here to celebrate the 80th birthday of legendary librarian and cataloger Sandy Berman.

He has designated two organizations to which donations can be made in his name, if you’re so inclined. They are Emergency Foodshelf Network and OxFam America.

Would you please donate to one or both, and pretty please leave a birthday wish, anecdote or limerick in this blog’s comments for Sandy?


PS If you’re curious, this project was conceived by James Danky, who enlisted Laura Crossett & Jenna Freedman to effect it.


57 thoughts on “About

  1. Jeannie,
    The Sandman does not answer his phone. Any other way to get in touch with him that you know of?
    I hope all is well by you up there in the colnies.

    PhanMan the RagMan

  2. It may be that he’s out of town. How long have you been trying? I got mail from him last week, so he was around.

    You can always write:
    4400 Morningside Rd.
    Edina, MN

  3. Thank you all for your notes. I wrote in “all you ever wanted to know about Sandford Berman”, that it will only be the lack of responses that we know Sandy has died. I will send a card. Thanks. Jeannie

  4. Hey Sandy! Happy 2015! I’m in Albuquerque for the winter and am on my way to a party tonight at the home of Eleanor Bravo (think Schiller ’66-’67). Also in touch with Bennie Marchiukaitis, Dave Beckwith, Diane Wooley, Marylee Wullf, George Brock… Want to come down here for a “reunion”? I hope you are well and celebrating another year! Barbara Knupper

  5. Sandy, what’s the odds four people who don’t all know each other and are randomly sitting around a table on New Years Eve, would suddenly all realize they were fans of yours?


    P.S. So, nu?

  6. OMG Sandy, how wonderful that old Shiller students have found you!!! And I do hope all is going wonderfully. And what a year that year at Schiller was..that I survived without getting kicked out is saying something.
    All the best to you Sandy
    Heart Hugs

  7. Hi Sandy
    Just found this site and want to wish you well. I am still in Germany but have retired now. I still have contact with Helen Dunlop of the Hel&El team of Schiller College 1966-1967. Hope you are happy,healthy and still like red wine. Hugs from here.

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